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Pawkies Dogs Cuddle Therapy & Boarding

🐾Dogs Cuddle Therapy 🐾Dogs Daycare 🐾Dogs Boarding

We attend all clients on appointment basis only. Direct walk-in strictly not allowed.

About Me


In addition to all the love in the world, our doggos need some pampering, love and care and of course socializing! And pet-parents, you can get all that in one place. Our new place called Pawkies has just opened up and is a one-stop destination for your pupper and furry dog child's needs!

Located in Kandivali West, Pawkies is a dogs daycare, boarding and Cuddle Therapy place. Your furry babies will get the best of services and a home away from home. Now, you need not leave them home alone when you step out for work! Pet parents can truly heave a sigh of relief, as we will be taking their babies with professional care.

Not only that, Pawkies is also a Dogs Cuddle Therapy Center, where all dog lovers can spend time with these four-legged stress busters and cuddle them and shower them with love. 

Pawkies Dogs Cuddle Therapy and Boarding will take in your furry baby while you get better/enjoy vacations/weddings etc. . We will make sure that your fur babies' health and well-being is taken care of, and will also send you cute videos and photos once in a day of them which will surely keep you happy and positive (state of mind).

How pawsome is that?! You can contact us on WhatsApp or call us on 9324180355 for further details or DM us on Instagram

Why choose us

- We are experienced Dogs Daycare & Boarding and have been delivering first class professional pet care services since 2018. 


- We aim to be as flexible as possible and work with each of our customers on an individual basis to always meet your requirements 


- Operational 7 days a week 


- We only accept friendly dogs, providing a very safe environment for your dogs 


- We often keep your dogs for much longer than the scheduled time in our care, our aim is always to give your dogs as much time as possible with us during the day to minimise the time they are on their no extra charge of course :) 

and much more, please contact us for more information and bookings. 

Pawkies Dogs Cafe & Boarding

Pawkies'S PACK

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